Honey Makes More Money?

How can a guy deal with his honey making more money? Find out!

By Steve Bowden

s a writer, I often find myself dating women who make more money than I do. Considering the advances made in women’s rights over the past decades, we should all be comfortable in this situation. But the truth is that all men and women are not as open-minded as we might think.

Be honest... do you have a problem with this? ””
You’ve started dating a wonderful woman. She’s interesting
If the situation was reversed, there probably would be no problem.
and very successful. You go out to dinner for the first time. Dinner is wonderful, the conversation is great, and then... the check arrives. You think you are a hip modern male who does not feel threatened by dating a woman who makes a lot of money. But when she says “let’s split the check”... or even worse, “let this be my treat”—no matter how manly you think you are, you suddenly feel like that 98-pound weakling in the back pages of a comic book, getting sand kicked in his face.

Ok, I’ve got a problem, now what? ””
If the situation was reversed, there probably would be no problem. A wealthy guy would just pay for everything. But if a woman tries to pay for everything (or even half of everything) many guys feel horrible.

Yes it’s a double standard—and it’s up to the men to learn how to deal with it. Being scared of dating a woman who makes good
Think carefully about how you approach this issue.
money is as silly as being scared of monsters under your bed. If she really cared about the cash difference, she wouldn’t be dating you. So if she’s not worried, why are you?

Talk to your honey””
Now, you may still feel awkward and self-conscious when you’re with her. She’ll pick up on it—she won’t know why you’re worried, just that you are. Who wants to hang around someone who’s always anxious about something? It’s time to talk. Do not raise the subject just before you expect a bill to arrive! Think carefully about how you approach this issue. She’s probably uncomfortable too.

If she does have a big problem with the situation, she should voice her opinion. Better sooner than later. The odds are that she’ll be glad you raised the issue. Together you can come to some sort of arrangement about who pays for what on dates. Take courage, and ask your date to help you figure it out.

Steve Bowden is a freelance writer who contributes to Happen magazine.
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